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1. Alt Ed, by Catherine Atkins. [Jun. 30th, 2006|10:24 am]
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1. Alt Ed, by Catherine Atkins. 2003. H, Fiction: Realistic, 208 p. * * * 6/9/2006

In order to avoid expulsion after committing various offenses, six very different high school students are required to meet with the school counselor, in a group, every Wednesday afternoon for a semester.

I liked this one overall. It had notes of The Breakfast Club and was somewhat stereotypical in spots, and I really wished that Susan would Just Shut Up every once in a while, but I think it's a realistic portrayal of how high school kids can be.

I do wish that Atkins had limited the language. Although it was realistic, it's something that would probably keep me from buying the book for my middle school library.

Alt Ed was listed as a selection or nominee for these state-sponsored student book awards or book lists:

MO Show Me/Mark Twain/Gateway Teen 05/06
SC Young Adult Book Award Nominees 05/06
SD Prairie Buds/Prairie Pasque/YARP 05/06
TX Tayshas 04/05

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1/50 books for my challenge year = 2% completed
208/15000 pages since June 1st = 1.4% completed

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